Beautiful, uncomfortable, informative and humorous

With just over two weeks to go until Hydrosapien is unleashed on the public, everyone involved is busy, busy, busy rehearsing for what will be a unique and memorable performance. The Silent Choir grows daily, with 5 schools now running lunch club rehearsals, and about 40 adults attending weekly signing workshops at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel. Their focus and commitment is awe inspiring, and the results are mesmerising. Meanwhile, deep in the labyrinths of Goldsmiths University, Joseph Kohlmaier and Iris Garrelfs work through ideas, bounce sounds around and have me in rapture with their astonishing playfulness and range.

The domino effects are beginning to surface too, with the Harvest Festival at Plymouth Methodist Central Hall presenting the signed poem as part of their service on October 28th, and with a teacher at Eggbuckland Vale Primary School sending this message:

The rehearsal this week was very enjoyable, and I am beginning to understand how the performance may look. Yesterday I taught two of my profoundly deaf 7 year old children (BSL signers) the first verse after a discussion  about what a poem is (words which describe an idea and a feeling but not a story!) And in very simple terms we began to discuss climate issues. In response to this they each drew a picture which I have attached  for you to see. I was truly moved by the power of your poem, translated into sign to teach these children about the environment. Thank you for enabling this learning experience for these children.

Meanwhile, Astrida Neimanis, the author of the text – Hydrofeminism – that triggered the project, is watching the project develop via Twitter and encouraging us as we work to perfect our shared endeavour to find creative ways of putting research into the public domain. Astrida’s support is the icing on the cake!

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