Hydroscore for a Silent Choir

Mark-making, through monoprinting and drawing, allows me to think through ideas and processes in ways that release me from the tyranny of ‘the list’. Having already produced a workbook for my collaborations with Iris Garrelfs and Joseph Kohlmaier, this week I started producing one for my work with members of the Silent Choir. These workbooks are simple sheaves of blank paper, interspersed with the monoprints and drawings I’ve been doing.

Earlier this week I went to Goldsmiths University for the first of four sessions with Iris and Joseph. This introductory session was a wide ranging ramble through ideas, triggers, and methods, and was important for establishing a shared sense of the project going forward. Also this week, I applied to attend a workshop with Astrida Neimanis (at Goldsmiths also) around ‘Weathering’ – a practice or tactic for understanding our inter-implicatedness, for interrupting existing patterns and notions of resilience and vulnerability, of thinking about the weather as more-than-meteorological.

And last but not least! After much hair-pulling over the years, I am finally (finally!) the recipient of an Arts Council grant, for Hydrosapiens. The entire project is ambitious, and therefore the funding application felt immense. Clearly this strategy has paid off, and now Hydrosapiens can embrace its full potential. Many thanks to Arts Council England, and especially to the individuals who guided me through the process, and particularly to the individuals participating in Hydrosapiens.

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