moments, pauses, memories and observations – with


Now showing at Space, Dartington, until June 13th. Curated by

Rhyne & Huish is a long term project which seeks to uncover secrets within the Somerset landscape that can help us to be better prepared for living in a wetter world. Spending time around the RSPB Ham Wall Nature Reserve in particular, walking the rhynes and ditches, across board walks and along very long and very straight footpaths that follow these man-made waterways led to the development of these drawings.


The process of mapping the experiential and sensory responses to this unique place – bearing witness to the people, wildlife and elemental aspects of the environment – water in particular –through visits, collaborative walks, and periods of solitude, demanded some kind of punctuation – a record of ‘moments, pauses, memories and observations’.


This capture of sensory data feeds into the larger and longer body of work within the Rhyne & Huish project by suggesting a series of scores, using simple mark-making onto (found) brown card, which is perforated to suggest amplification. All my visits to this area, whether alone or as part of a collaborative walking exercise, have included sound recordings which will be edited later in 2019 to create ‘Sonic Rhynes’. These drawings will guide that editing process.


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