Arts Quarter Budapest

I’ve found my passport, bought my tickets and arranged a cat-sitter. Only a matter of days now till I leave for Budapest for a month long residency at AQB. Much of my time will be spent at Lucaks Baths (pictured) creating sound and moving image works. I also hope to talk Tamas Loky (Director AQB) into joining me on a tour of geothermal sites across the country. Tamas is busy organising workshops for me to run at the Anderson Art Lab, and I will be keen to find out what staff and students are up to at the various art schools across the city, as well as meeting artists and all sorts of people engaged in the creative industries.


Sonic Drawings on Soundart Radio

I have a new monthly radio show! This monthly muse upon all things bioacoustic brings together sonic creativity and sounds from the natural world to explore acoustic ecology as an art form. With material drawn from around the world, this global round up relishes deep listening and things that go plop, fizz, gurgle. More info here.

Sanctum Bristol

I am very excited to have been selected to take part in this massive project conceived by Theaster Gates and delivered by Situations. I cannot tell you (we are on a promise not to tell you) when my piece is scheduled for performance, but I CAN tell you that it is a sonic piece titled ‘Underheard’ and relates to the subterranean and celestial water that surrounds us. This is Theaster telling you more

Sanctum, under construction

Sanctum, under construction