Pulse is just one way of understanding time.

Every twelve hours and 25 minutes. A tidal experience of time reveals the extent to which change is the only constant. I am taking part in Flows of Entanglement at the University of Plymouth in early September, presenting work based on an ongoing journal of observations taken during regular walks to my nearest beach – Wonwell. I try to mix up my visits – high tide, low tide, and everything in between. Each visit to the same place throws up new offerings of oceanic material culture, new configurations of wet and dry, new sounds.

Three months since my last blog entry is another way for me to understand time. In that I have been to Galway, to deliver a paper about the role that walking has within my practice, and have not been to Trondheim but instead sent a video-presentation exploring a project I did in Bangalore about bodies-as-sensory-data-collectors. I also nipped to Bath.

Books arrived in the post that I have contributed to, and the time it takes for a book to go from idea to object is best measured in aeons.

Loads-of-time is another perspective – when you feel you can indulge in learning, and really explore, experiment and reflect. This is what the Developing your Creative Practice award from Arts Council England has given me. Starting this September I shall spend 12 months immersing myself in every aspect of professional artists moving image, developing a project called Manual for Nomads. This is augmented by an a-n artists development bursary focusing upon the sonic aspects of the project. It is a real privilege to carve out this time going forward, and I am excited by the journey.

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