Submersive Testimony goes Live!

This specially commissioned 5 minute film has now gone live on the 7.3m high Media wall at Bath Spa University. You can see a live feed here, or you can visit in person at the Newton Park Campus from Friday 20th May to Monday 30th May.

This film seeks to challenge the  narrative of the global climate conversation. Global temperature is an ill-suited guide because it fails to contend with the inherently-systemic nature of climate change. Different communities experience the same event in different ways, depending on their degree of marginalisation. The people most vulnerable to climate change are simultaneously those with the least agency over policy.

In Submersive Testimony a Western businessman – someone with a great deal of agency over policy –is caught in a tempest and gradually submerged, reversing the assumption that the effects of climate change happen far away, and to others, not ‘us’.

The sonic component derives mostly from bioacoustic material – recordings directly from nature. Within the immersive symphonies of aquatic sounds, a parliament of rooks can be heard debating policy. Sounds from this intelligent and sociable species are not echoed in the visual narrative – the policy-makers are elsewhere, in a place of safety.

MediaWall is viewable 10am – 7pm for the individual members of the public. Large groups or parties cannot be accommodated during this period as there are examinations being held in the building


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