Liquid at Fringe Arts Bath

I am very excited to have been selected as a guest curator for an exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath (27th May-12th June 2016) and have just written my first blog for FaB explaining the reasons for the themes for this show (here). All the organisational everythings are still very much at the planning stages and so we (the many guest curators) still don’t know what spaces the individual exhibitions will be housed in. However, the FaB team have great networks across the city and a strong track record and without doubt will ensure that each exhibition will be displayed in the best possible environment.

Meanwhile, I look forward to returning next week to my current residency at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, and to continuing development of the filmic pieces from Budapests’ many geothermal baths. Also, the 4th edition of Sonic Drawings will be broadcast on Monday 4th January on Soundart Radio. But today? Today is the deadline for my proper submission to Leonardo Music Journal for their special edition ‘Lend me your Ears!’. They have accepted in principal my proposal, I have written the article, but now have to format and present it properly ready for peer review. Eek!



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