Deep Time, Shallow Water.

Collecting submersive testimonies.

To walk on land below sea level,
As if…ankle deep (another manual for nomads?)
Minor trespass may be necessary.




The second walk in the #ethnohydro series will take place on June 24th. We will be walking through Andersea and Othery, mostly below sea level (and roughly 10 miles). If you would like to get involved, email me on

In the meantime you can catch two short sound works I have recently created at Canteen (part of Art Week Exeter) and at Murmuration (part of Fringe Arts Bath).  My work is also screened at Green Park Brasserie as part of Bath Fringe Festival (see page 35) – A one hour loop of silent films exploring watery worlds – from rivers to rhynes, from puddles to pools, from oceans to altogether other worlds. This installation uses moving image to present a provisional glossary of sites of special wetness.

And behind the scenes I am busy preparing for a research trip exploring the St. Lawrence River in Canada, a month long teaching studio, at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, and a major commission for Plymouth Art Weekender 2018. Busy times!

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