FaB – the Finale: Primordial at Cleveland Pools

Lose yourself this weekend – wander down Hampton Row and slink through the discreet gate to behold the hidden gem that is Cleveland Pools. You will not be disappointed. You will always remember coming here. There are just 2  more days to see 11 outstanding artists whose work considers how we relate to other species, and how we relate to water. Saturday is an open day, with nothing scheduled except time to take it all in.

Sunday is the finale, with two exceptional events for you to take part in. At 11am Devon Forrester Jones leads an immersive and collaborative experiential event that sets the intent for change.

This is the social body – cells together. Functions vary. Discourse is osmosis. For the body to continue cells must communicate, enzymes must be responsive, must accept the substrate. To do that we have to increase the sensitivity of the cells, of ourselves.

At 2pm Carol Laidler and Pat Jamieson (alldaybreakfast) draw the exhibition to a close with a participatory event that relates to their haunting and evocative sound piece that has been one of the highlights of the show.

The history of water
holds in solution
what has been done
by whom
to whom
at whose behest
and why
This is what came down the river
This is what was thrown away….

And lastly, by way of an outroduction, let me share with you a little about my art practice and the work I have included in Primordial. 5 Soups is a simple augmented reality experience, in which viewers are invited to step through still images, using their smart phones, to discover experimental poems, both visual and sonic. Primordial is a short film, shot on a mobile phone, at Cleveland Pools itself. Human and other species intervene in the pond life and disrupt the tranquillity of this forgotten space.

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