Two more Primordial artists

Come on down to Cleveland Pools in Bath – anytime between 10am and 3pm over the next 3 weekends, and discover the artists and artworks that make Primordial a real stand out show as part of Fringe Arts Bath 2017.

You will find work by Antony Lyons – Et In Arcadia

Will this be The Dawning of the Age of the Invertebrates…? Drawing on Morton’s ‘Dark Ecology’, and referring to the abstraction of river water for Cleveland Pools, this is a cinematic installation piece, involving partly live magnified projection of riverfly activities.

Antony says ‘As an independent creative practitioner with a background in eco/geo-sciences and landscape design, many of my projects are concerned with the relationships between ecological processes, environmental change and cultural adaptations. Areas of particular focus include coastal/river landscapes, deep-time (geological) perspectives, routes/journeys and intangible cultural vitality. My research and production methods rely on geopoetic creative fieldwork and experimental remixing of materials, archives, field-recordings and contemporary narratives – explored in the context of both ‘slow’ and ‘intensive’ artist-residencies. Resulting works include sculpture, film, sound and intermedia installations – addressing tensions, traces, transitions and environmental justice.  Water is central. The future is in flux.  Amongst many other things, I am involved with Hydrocitizens a national team of artists and academics who investigate, and make creative contributions to, the ways in which citizens and communities live with each other and their environment in relation to water in a range of UK neighbourhoods. The research asks a series of questions about what communities are, how they function, and the role of environmental (water) assets and issues in the coming together of communities, conflicts within and between communities, and progress to interconnected community and environmental resilience’.

Sally E Dean – ‘You’re Not Supposed to Be Here 2’

Sally will be screening a film directed as part of her ongoing collaborative project ‘Somatic Movement, Costume & Performance’.  This film, typically viewed while wearing Pointy Hats, invites the viewer on a journey in search of water and beyond.

 Sally E. Dean (USA/UK) has been an interdisciplinary performer, performance maker and teacher over 18 years – in university, professional and community settings across Europe, Asia and the USA.  Her teaching and performance work is highly informed by somatic-based practices, her cross-cultural projects in Asia and her background in both dance and theatre – integrating site, costume and object.  Since 2011, Sally leads the ‘Somatic Movement, Costume & Performance Project’ – designing costumes that create specific body-mind experiences leading to performances, lectures, films and workshops. She has been supported by the Arts Council England and the British Council and is an MPhil candidate at Royal Holloway University (Drama/Theatre department).

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