Introduction to the artists exhibiting in Primordial as part of Fringe Arts Bath

Over the coming weeks I will present a series of introductions to the artists taking part in this  unique exhibition.  Beginning with…..

 Kayla Parker/Stuart Moore – On Location/Reach



A film by Kayla Parker

2017 / single channel HD film / 12 minutes 30 seconds

A hybrid form of landscape cinema, which observes a year’s cycle of seasonal changes, centred on an unnamed hollow way that forms the stream bed for several springs in a remote area of rural mid-Devon. The film captures meteorological phenomena and the natural world in the sunken lane over a twelve-month period, using experimental filming techniques and field recordings made at the site that capture the sonic architecture of the space.

To create the film, Kayla Parker collaborated with Stuart Moore, making regular field trips to the location throughout 2016. The repeated visits allowed them to respond intuitively with camera and sound recording equipment during a varied range of weather conditions through winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

On Location is the initial phase of a practice-based research project that responds to Annabel Nicolson’s artist’s book, Escaping Notice (1977). Nicolson was an important member of the 1970s British film avant-garde, and the unnamed hollow way leads to the isolated farmhouse featured in her book.


A film by Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore

2014 / single channel 16mm film / 3 minutes 26 seconds

The people who live along the Tamar form a close relationship with the river; each affected by the other. Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore used this idea of symbiosis to create Reach. By laying raw film in the silt of the river, they have created a work which has been shaped by the river: its organic emulsion changed by the tides’ ebb and flow, by physical abrasion and the organisms living in the alluvial mud.

The imagery is created by burying 16mm filmstrips in the mud of the banks of the Tamar, allowing the river to ‘make the film’ through the movements of its tidal waters and the action of biota. The soundtrack developed from recordings taken from both above and below the surface of the river.

Commissioned by the River Tamar Project for It’s All About the River.


A film-maker and sound artist who uses digital and film-based technologies to create single and multiple screen works exploring our relationship to place and landscape and the environmental tensions of urban regeneration and expansion, with screenings across public, gallery and online spaces. Stuart is an AHRC-funded 3D3 doctoral researcher at University of the West of England, Bristol. His practice-based research aims to gain an understanding through practice of the ways in which specificities of materiality and presentation contexts produce an embodied and/or immersive experience for the audience through manifesting memory in the present.


Artist film-maker with over twenty years’ experience as a director-producer, creating innovative, experimental moving image works for cinema, gallery and broadcast television, and a range of commissions. The recipient of many awards, her work is shown worldwide across public, gallery and online spaces. Her research interests centre around subjectivity and place, embodiment and technological mediation, from feminist perspectives, with an interest in the interface between still and moving image, and new materialism. In her practice, she works with film-based and digital technologies to explore the interrelationship between the body and forgotten, liminal spaces.

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