Icy mornings herald a period of reflection which is very welcome after an incredibly busy year so far. There are adventures accumulating for 2017 already but for the time being a pause within which to immerse myself in my PhD at Bath Spa University is punctuated only by involvement in Art Machina. As one of 5 selected artists I am excited to be involved in a project that  will develop young people’s digital arts practice using innovative digital media, enabling young people across Devon and Torbay to use contemporary digital creative techniques within their visual arts making.

Liquid (shown at Fringe Arts Bath in May/June 2016) becomes Folyékony and plans are underway for its iteration at Arts Quarter Budapest in the very early part of 2017. And in April I present a paper at The American Association of Geographers annual meeting in Boston, before getting ready to take part in Fringe Arts Bath 2017.

But in the meantime comes a welcome pause….


Exhibition space at Arts Quarter Budapest

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