Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016

I am more than a little excited that two recent works will be included in the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016, in Korea. The main theme of this special video exhibition is water. The selected work  will be displayed during the Biennale through beam projector and TV monitor near Gongju city, Jemin stream where Geumgang Nature Arts Biennale is held. The name  Jemin stream means it is the stream that saves the people. The stream flows along the old city centre of Gongju city until it meets Geumgang (river). This is the first international showing of my work in recent times, and I only wish I could travel with my work to Gongju!

However, tomorrow I get to meet the organisers, and only have to go as far as Stroud Valley Arts to do so. Seung-hyun Ko and Wongil Jeon talk about the work of YATOO-the Korean Nature Artists Association with Clive Adams from the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World. Since 1981 YATOO has developed an increasingly ambitious International programme of exhibitions, residencies and a biennale. I am very honoured to be included this year.

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