Fringe Arts Bath – getting wetter every day

The courier from Budapest delivers Klara Petra Szabo’s pieces on friday – 3 Frostworks each the same height as myself. James Sharkk is considering pasting his prints directly onto the peeling walls of the Ladies Pool. Laura Hopes (Tank) and Abris Gryllus moving image work will be as if in dialogue across a room whose ceiling has caved in. Laura Denning (thats me!) will show a multi-projection onto massive scrolls draping the kitchen walls in the old bath house. Erik Matrai’s Parting of the Red Sea will form a an immersive environment in the room off the Ladies Pool. Cities & Memory will take over the only room left in the Bath House that is safe to walk around. The building is chaperoned by elegant changing rooms on either side, forming a Crescent that is punctuated at the far end by the Ladies Pool. The entire site envelops a long pool and is situated on the bank of the Avon. Just a couple of minutes from the Holbourne Museum, down a residential street, through a secret gate, follow the path down to the site and prepare to linger.


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