Liquid at FaB – the final selection

It has been fascinating receiving over 35 entries for the UK artists who will be represented in Fringe Arts Bath, and excruciating deciding which 2/3 will go forward into the exhibition Liquid. However, I can now reveal with great pleasure that alongside my work, I will be showcasing the works of Laura Hopes, Cities & Memory, James Sharkk, Abris Gryllus, Klara Petra Szabo, Zita Gyurokoviks , and Erik Matrai  (Hungary). Within a few days I will be able to reveal the venue – likely to be very special indeed! And totally fitting for an exhibition on this theme. Over the coming days I shall showcase the individual artists on this blog, but as a taster, here is a work by Erik Matrai to whet your appetite.

Parting of Red Sea



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