Psychoacoustics, geothermals and me

I have now been in Budapest for 9 days, spending much of my time wearing nothing but a swimsuit and a lot of digital technology. Experiments with a hydrophone in the public baths in Budapest are surreal – the range of sounds, the acoustic specificity of each space, and the looks on the faces of the other bathers as I tip-toe into the steaming pools wearing headphones and trailing wires creates an unforgettable experience. Most bathers presume I am checking the temperature or testing the mineral content. That’s fine by me.

Yesterday I also had the privilege of interviewing Paul Oomen – the brains behind 4DSound – a truly innovative initiative that creates moving sound images, in an unlimited spatial continuum. the conversation, and the visit to the ‘space’ has inspired me to think about the presentation of my own work in entirely new ways.

Today brings novel experiences too – later I will meet the German Cultural attaché to Hungary, and later again I shall be harvesting sonic and filmic content at Schechenyi Baths. The image below (not mine) gives a flavour.


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